Anxious For Nothing Life Coaching
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.        Phillipians 4:6

"I wake up everyday to win." - Coach Tausha

About Coach Tausha...

I overcome. I thrive. I empower. I operate in absolute truth. You are greatness.

La Tausha is a faith driven, family oriented, passionate life coach with deep convictions. She intentionally lives life on absolute purpose. Born in San Francisco's Bayview District on Easter Sunday Morning, April 18,1976, she lived there until the age of 10, when she relocated with her parents and four siblings to East Oakland, CA.

La Tausha discerned early in childhood a divine call on her life to motivate, inspire and equip people to live their best life.

In 1996 she mindfully set out on her own journey to transform her life and secure eternal wholeness and God favored her. Embracing God's presence, and receiving his love and forgiveness gave La Tausha an increasing desire to serve others. Immediatly she began ministering to homeless men and women in local parks and to those incarcerated as a corrections officer in San Diego, County.

In 2000, she consciously embraced mental health advocacy, while mastering mindful and holistic healing techniques. In 2001, La Tausha was certified in Contra Costa County as a Family Support Specialist and began life coaching first time mothers and fathers with a non-profit organization called Welcome Home Baby.

While working for Welcome Home Baby, La Tausha provided in home support to many families. Right away she identified layers and cycles of trauma as a barrier to healthy parenting practices in her professional community. This truth propelled her to obtain an additional State of CA Certification in Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling. She utilized this certification to mindfully coach families in East Contra Costa County, while partnering with the non profit, Bay Area Women Against Rape to provide counseling and support to sexual assault survivors in Alalmeda County.

In 2003, La Tausha founded Little Treasures, Christian Daycare and Preschool where she intentionally partnered with Children and Family Services to provide a trauma informed educational experience  to underprivileged children.  She enjoyed spending her days shaping and nurturing healthy kids however she appreciated most, the opportunity to empathetically provide wrap around care, life skills coaching, communication tools and community based advocacy to the entire family of kids in her care, further promoting her passion for family and community wellness.
In 2014 La Tausha received a Professional Life Coaching Certification from Fowler International Academy. In 2016 she received a certification in Motivational Interviewing from UC Berkley School of Social Welfare.
Today she is continuing her education in mindful psychology, meditation and criminal justice while providing life coaching services in private practice and in partnership with Bay Area non-profit organizations.
La Tausha leads by example and is respected for her ability to grasp truth, while cultivating wisdom based solutions to complex life problems. Her heart is for women and children.  She is intentional, passionate, inspiring and unapologetic about moving you forward, beyond your comfort zone. 
As an overcomer, she motivates and empowers her clients with the truth of her own triumph over life adversities including sexual assault, domestic violence, unforgiveness, anger, crime and poverty. La Tausha is a miracle and she knows it. Her heart is for your healing.

Her firm belief is that “all things are possible and that in Jesus Christ, the very best is always yet to come.” 

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